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We are the leading caters in Vaishali and Indirapuram for weddings, birthday parties, social gatherings, reception parties and all kind of celebrations. Our catering services revolve around the view that food is at the core of any Indian celebrations and it must create lingering memories in the guests and host of the party. Our catering services enhance the celebrations and lift the mood of the guests and the host of the party.

Our best catering services in the Vaishali & indrapuram offer the widest range of cuisine menu from Indian, western, continental, Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine. We also offer the menu as per the theme of the party. All major cuisines of the country from Rajasthan to Punjabi, Maharashtra, to south Indian and Awadhi is prepared by our chefs who have years of experience behind them. The Chinese, Japanese the Thai and foreign cuisine is cooked with the original ingredients to give authentic taste and flavour to our clients. We ensure that all ingredients are fresh and no artificial paste or taste enhancer is added during preparation of the food items.

Our comprehensive discussions help the host of the part to consider various options and then select the one that best revolves around the party or theme of the party. We customize the catering services to match the lifestyle; culture or any them that host want to give to the party or wedding catering. Our catering services are for weddings, outdoor catering, indoor catering, birthday parties, kitty parties, ladies Sangeet, Mehendi function, corporate catering and bachelors party.

Our presentations of our catering services are given equal importance. We invite guests to taste our menus in courses from snacks to main course to the desserts and soft and hard drinks. The cocktail experts create the unique cocktails especially for both ladies and gents. No matter how long the guest list is our catering staffs make it a point to enable everyone to taste every course and enjoy the catering services to the fullest. Our own catering staffs are trained to handle cocktail lovers and prepare the cocktail according to their tastes and preferences.

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